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Unique value proposition of Bpm’online platform

March 30, 2017

Bpm’online is a premium vendor of highly flexible and process-driven CRM solution.
The truly unique proposition of the Bpm’online CRM solution is the agility of the comprehensive applications for Marketing, Sales and Service, backed by one of the industry’s most advanced business process management (BPM) engine.
Bpm’online provides feature-rich and flexibly designed applications for sales management, customer service management and marketing automation on a single platform. These applications are infused with best practice business processes that are configured using the BPM engine.

The BPM engine is a core of the Bpm’onlineplatform and enablesanalysts or system admins to design business processesusing a handy visual, drag & drop type toolset.The key advantage of the BPM engine is very powerful capabilities to design any kind of workflows, e.g. event-driven or user-interaction driven, coupled with ability to configure business rules that enable the workflows to be fully parameter-driven and highly agile.

Therefore, the workflows and business rules embedded within the Marketing, Sales and Service applications can be rapidly modified or extended using the powerful BPM engine, without needing programming or development efforts. This ability to change the embedded best practice processes and extend the processes for any vertical industries or unique requirements, makes Bpm’online CRM platform an extremely agile and high “cost to value” proposition.

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