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Dynatrace APM Solution provides end-to-end perspective to application/transaction performance through application tiers, network, virtualized tiers, cloud, 3rd parties, user devices and more, allowing for simple fault domain isolation and root cause analysis, resulting in an increased MTBF, a decreased MTTR, enabling IT department to meet their targeted SLAs and the means to prove it.

Dynatrace APM solution monitors Real User Transactions providing End User Experience, 24/7 transaction monitoring (all users, all transactions), user complaint investigation and resolution tools and Business impact management.

Dynatrace APM solution caters for all application stakeholders. It provides the Line of Business with Business Dashboards exhibiting business metrics, user experience insight and user behaviour. It provides Operations/Application Support team with technical dashboards and deep drill down tools to the network packets and code level. For the Application Development team with tools to inspect their code and resolve performance issues prior to application release, enabling them to deliver flawless releases faster. This enables all application stakeholders to collaborate effectively throughout the whole application life cycle.

Furthermore, Dynatrace solution provides Business stakeholders with business data such as whether you are meeting SLA targets for each customer, how performance impacts revenue, how marketing campaigns affect usage, conversion rates (how many visits converted to a sell), and customer behaviour (every customer/every transaction 24/7), all this while providing deep drill down capabilities from these business context to the code level technical details