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Over the last 19 years, CIMx has remained at the forefront of MES (Manufacturing Execution software) and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), working with many of the world’s largest manufacturers – companies such as GE Aviation, Boeing, Honeywell, and Eaton. Whether you want to brand our product as your own or use our tools in a fully-supported vendor model, our product platform supports your manufacturing priorities, seamlessly filling the gaps in your digital infrastructure, giving you complete visibility and control of your manufacturing operations.

Quantum MES

Quantum is a smart MES and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) platform designed to give users digital visibility and control of the complete manufacturing life cycle, eliminating the root cause of production errors and other shop floor problems before they happen. The result is a single resource to control manufacturing, improving productivity and profit by managing information, actions and resources on the shop floor. The Quantum platform is developed by CIMx Software, a global leader in manufacturing software, delivering solutions to many of the world’s leading manufacturers for more than 19 years. Quantum synchronizes manufacturing through timely and accurate communication, ensuring an efficient production environment. Using Quantum as the foundation for operations, you eliminate out-of-control documentation, manage change, optimize workflows and resources, reduce errors, and improve quality.